Ilych River


Location of Ilytsch ( Илыч ) in the catchment area of the Pechora

The Ilytsch (Russian Илыч ) is a 411 km long right tributary of the Pechora in the Republic of Komi in northwestern Russia.

The Ilytsch rises in the Northern Urals. It flows through the Urals in predominantly southerly direction and leaves him in a westerly direction, and finally ends at Ust- Ilytsch in the Pechora. The Ilytsch is covered from early November to late April by a layer of ice. The average discharge at the level Maximowo, 47 km upstream of the mouth is 180 m³ / s The catchment area covers 16,000 km ². The main tributaries are Pyrsju and Palju from left and Kosju, Sarju and Kogel from the right.

The Pechora Ilytsch Nature Reserve extends along the left bank of Ilytsch.