In 100 Years...

In 100 Years ... is a song by Modern Talking in 1987, which was written and produced by Dieter Bohlen. It appeared on the album In the Garden of Venus.


In the plot of the song is told, love will be banned in 100 years, which is why the protagonist finds himself reduced his love for a woman to confess .. In contrast to the other predecessors of this song suggests reinforced negative sounds to why this is the first resolution Modern Talking intended to emphasize and therefore was the last extraction before the first resolution Modern Talking. The recordings took place in 1985.

The release took place on November 9, 1987; although the song could still classified in the Top 30 in Germany, it was in Spain (4th place ), South Africa (18th ) and Turkey (No. 1 ), a largely greater success.

Music Video

The music video consists mostly of film clips that show soldiers, rockets, and natural disasters, for example. In the plot of the video Modern Talking provide the song is the song in an almost ruined city, by the way you can see in the above scenes fade-outs.

Cover versions


  • Pop song
  • Song 1987
  • Dieter Bohlen composition
  • Modern Talking