In Control (US5 album)


  • Izzy Gallegos ( vocals)
  • Tariq Jay Khan (vocal)
  • Christopher " Richie" Stringini (vocals )
  • Christopher " Chris " Watrin (vocals )
  • Michael " Mikel " Johnson ( vocals)


  • Mike Michaels
  • Sammy Naja
  • Mark dollar

In Control: Reloaded

In Control is the title of the second studio album by the former international pop group US5. It was first released on 25 November 2006 and sold more than 10,000 times. Thus, it is the second best album since her debut album, Here We Go was able to sell more than 320,000 times. In addition, it was released alongside the German speaking countries and in Poland, which was awarded a gold record.

  • 2.1 album
  • 2.2 DVD
  • 4.1 In the Club
  • 4.2 One Night with You
  • 4.3 Rhythm of Life ( Shake It Down)
  • 4.4 Too Much Heaven

Track lists

Standard CD

Deluxe Edition

The album was released on the same day as the standard version as a deluxe edition; This CD contains the 14 tracks also a DVD containing various dance videos with the band as well as a photo shoot contains.

In Control: Reloaded

On 14 December 2007, the album was put on the market again; this time under the title In Control: Reloaded. This third version also includes a CD and a DVD. The plate can listen to 17 songs; on the DVD is the making-of 's, music videos, find contrary to the released singles and backstage footage of various performances and concerts of the band. In addition, here more songs found on the CD, which were coupled by some as a single. The nine other songs bear the title Rhythm of Life ( Shake It Down), The Rain, Too Much Heaven, Why, Baby Be Mine, I'm with You, I Want You Back, Work Your Body and, ultimately, If You Leave. For the title Let Me Know, A Girl Like You, Baby Your the One, Mama and Baby I Like omitted. The Reloaded version of the album was ranked 36 in Poland and here was able to keep four weeks.



Chart positions

In addition, the album reached number four in Poland and remained there for 12 weeks.


Published between 20 October 2006 and November 30, 2007 US5 total of four singles from the album, all of which could place in the charts themselves. The most successful single from the album is in the club, stayed 13 weeks in the German charts. The song Too Much Heaven could be placed only in two countries; in Switzerland made ​​it the piece is not in the official singles chart.

In the Club

As the first and only single from In Control appeared on 20 October 2006, the title in the club. The song reached number two in Germany and Austria; in Switzerland Rank 15 In Germany, the piece 13 weeks was represented in the chart rating; in Austria eleven weeks. In the Swiss singles chart, the song stayed for nine weeks. The music video for the song was shot in October 2006 in Los Angeles. The film was directed by Michael Khan.

One Night with You

One Night with You is the first of three singles from the Reloaded version of the album and was released on 12 January 2007 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One Night with You, reached number two in Germany, where he was nine weeks remaining. In Austria, the single placed eighth and stayed there for six weeks. In Switzerland, the song went to # 38 After four weeks, it grew out of the chart rankings. After only one month turned US5 in Berlin her next video. Director was Jörg Heitmann.

Rhythm of Life ( Shake It Down)

The sequel to One Night with You was Rhythm of Life ( Shake It Down), which came on 15 June 2007 on the market. It placed itself in fourth place in the German Single Charts where it held ten weeks. In Austria, the single was not quite as high aboard. It took place there six for a total of thirteen weeks. At position 25 made ​​it the piece in the Switzerland. There it was able to hold four weeks in the charts. In May 2007, the clip for Rhythm of Life ( Shake It Down ) was also shot in Berlin. Oliver Sommer has directed.

Too Much Heaven

The third single from In Control: Reloaded and the fourth overall single from the album was Too Much Heaven. The song is a duet with Robin Gibb and was released on 30 November 2007. The only duet single could not place in Switzerland. In Germany, the song debuted at number seven, where it held nine weeks. In Austria, the single debuted at rank 26 and remained there for five weeks. Also, the video for Too Much Heaven was filmed in Berlin. Shooting day was the 15th of October 2007. The clip was produced in the theater of the West. Director was also Oliver Sommer.