Here We Go (US5 album)


  • Izzy Gallegos ( vocals)
  • Tariq Jay Khan (vocal)
  • Christopher Richard " Richie" Stringini (vocals )
  • Christopher " Chris " Watrin (vocals )
  • Michael " Mikel " Johnson ( vocals)


  • Benny Andersson (only 1 title )
  • Björn Ulvaeus (only 1 title )
  • Mike Michaels, MM Dollar, TK - Roxx
  • Sammy Naja and Dashiel Andrews

Singles from "Here We Go ( New Edition) "

Here We Go is the title of the debut album of pop group US5, which was released on 18 November 2005 worldwide. It is their most successful album and sold more than 320,000 times. In addition, it was awarded in Austria and in Poland with gold and in Germany with three gold records. All songs on the album were produced by Mike Michaels, Sammy Naja and Mark dollars. Exception to this is the song of One of Us, for which the ABBA band members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were responsible.

  • 3.1 Maria
  • 3.2 Just Because of You
  • 3.3 Come Back to Me Baby
  • 3.4 Mama

Track lists

Standard version

There are three different versions of the album. The standard CD contains 13 tracks. On the same day a Here We Go (New edition ), which five bonus tracks, including a live version and the single version of the song " Come Back to Me Baby " was released contains. A re- release of " Here We Go" came on 17 March 2006 on the market. This is the " Limited Deluxe Edition", which includes two music videos ( "Mama " and "Just Because of You " ), and two backstage videos.

New Edition

The New Edition carries the same track list as the default version. In addition, the song " Come Back to Me Baby ", which was released as a single; the newly produced song "Best Friends" and a remix of the song " Mama". In addition, you get the bonus track "The Day You Cried " and a live version of the song " Come Back to Me Baby ".

Limited Deluxe Edition

The Limited Deluxe Edition consists of a CD and a DVD. The track list in this case is the same as that of the standard CD. The DVD contains the following music videos and PC Tools.

Chart positions

In addition, the album reached number 19 in Poland and stayed there for nine weeks.



The first single of the band the title of Mary appeared on 26 June 2005. The song reached in Germany topped the chart, spending a total of 22 weeks. In Austria, the song was number four and went here after 28 weeks out of the charts out. In Switzerland, the debut single could find in eighth place. There, the piece was also 22 weeks in the chart rankings. The United Kingdom took the title of position 38 for two weeks. Maria is also the only single release from US5, which reached number one. The director on the set of the music video directed Oliver Sommer; his assistant was Nora Naatz. The executive production company was the AVA Studios. It was shot the clip in May and June 2005 at Universal Studios in Florida.

Just Because of You

The second and final single from the album was Just Because of You, which appeared on 14 October 2005. The song was number three in Germany, where he was 17 weeks represented in the official chart ranking. In Austria, they finished third, here for 18 weeks. In Switzerland, the song was able to hold on eighth place, and was also here 17 weeks on the singles chart. In the UK, the second single was unable to place in the charts, unlike the debut single. This video was shot in September 2005 in Romania and Bucharest. Again, Oliver Sommer was the director.

Come Back to Me Baby

Come Back to Me Baby was the first single from the " New Edition" from Here We Go. She appeared on 10 February 2006 in German-speaking and finished in third place Germany for a total of three months. In Austria and in Switzerland the piece in fourth place for 13 weeks each came. The video for the song was the first, which was shot in Germany. US5 were this in December 2005 in Potsdam front of the camera. As with Maria and Just Because of You Oliver Sommer was the director. With a length of four minutes and 43 seconds this video is the longest of the band that was ever produced.


The last single from the " New Edition" was Mama on 5 May 2006. The song reached number four in Germany, and stayed there for nine weeks. In Austria, the single debuted at position six of the charts, and was here eight weeks represented. In Switzerland, the song reached at # 18, and stayed there, just like in Germany, nine weeks in the sales charts. The clip was shot to Mama on April 8, 2006 in Berlin, and was thus the second, which originated in Germany. Oliver Sommer was the director here.