Infinera Corporation is a manufacturer of optical transmission systems for long distances over optical fiber using the density wavelength division multiplexing technology for the market of service providers of telecommunications services ( telecommunication service provider ).

Infinera claims to have changed the world of optical telecommunications with its " Digital Optical Networking ", a new approach, which was made possible by photonic integration.

Infinera is a vertically integrated company. It has its own chip fabrication (Fab ) in Allentown, designing, manufacturing the "chip to the system" within the company manufactures.

The company claimed the number 1 to be the market share for the optical core network ( backbone DWDM) in North America.


Infinera was founded in 2000 under the name Zepton Networks and was the first capital injection in April of 2001, The young company worked concealed until the first products were introduced in 2004, although some early press reports, the technology of its components -. Integrated optical circuits from indium phosphide described.

Infinera went in 2007 to the stock market. The IPO provided 182 million U.S. dollars.


  • Tom Fallon, President and Chief Executive Officer CEO
  • David F. Welch, co-founder, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Member of Infinera Board
  • Ita Brennan, Chief Financial Officer ( CFO)
  • Minoo Mortazavi, member of the " Office of the COO " and "VP of Systems Manufacturing and Strategic Materials"
  • Fred Kish, Vice President, PIC Development and Manufacturing
  • Ron Martin, vice president, Worldwide Sales
  • Scott Chandler, Vice President, Strategic Sales
  • Lonny Orona, Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Michael O. McCarthy III, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer


Infinera is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of large optical integrated circuits (large scale photonic integrated circuits ) or PIC.