Initial sound table

The initial sound is a letter chart with pictures for writing and reading - learning ( font - language - acquisition ).

The success of the method is controversial.

Initial sound table

In an initial sound table as possible all the typical ( sense-discriminative ) sounds (phonemes ) of a language in writing (ie by means of the sounds associated with letters / graphemes ) listed along with an initial sound picture. Besides each phone at least one object is imaged, whose name begins with that sound. There are several ways of pronunciation for a letter, so usually both possibilities are represented by two different images, for example, a " duck - image " next to the character " E" for short pronounced [ ɛ ], a " donkey picture "for the long pronounced [e ː ]. The student can put together the style of a word sound by sound with the help of an initial sound table. In dealing with the initial sound, the children learn how language is transliterated. You will learn the sound-letter mapping, the decomposition of a word into its sound components and the loud loyal Verschriftung. When writing with the initial sound the abecedarian connect the hearing of sounds with the illustration of characters ( graphemes ). The children experiment with letters and sounds and open up as the font and, ultimately, writing and reading. The knowledge about the phonetic structure of the language, that is, the ability to initial sounds, middle of a word, to detect end of a word to make out sounds a word ( word - synthesis) or a word in his lute to disassemble (word analysis), promotes in children language and Phonological Awareness.

As a central tool finds the initial sound use in the method of learning " Read by writing " (developed by educators Jürgen rich ). The children write this using the initial sound from the outset own words and are intended to learn over time even reading.

Already added in 1658 Johann Amos Comenius 's " Orbis pictus sensualium " at an initial sound. Each letter is assigned to it the image of an animal that sound at all are the corresponding. Thus he made the table can be used internationally.

For the acquisition of written language of pre-and primary schools, for example, the PDF versions of the following German Anlauttabellen can be used.


Initial sound keyboard

Meanwhile, there are for children "talking", multimedia text - processing programs with integrated " initial sound tables Keyboard" for text input. Also on the keyboard keys of learning computers for children are often initial sound pictures to find. There are also illustrated standard PC keyboards where each letter key icons are shown, representing the initial sound. With the help of decals or stickers can be produced in an " initial sound keyboard " from any normal computer keyboard.

Initial sound - examples