International Harvester

International Harvester Company (IHC, later IH) was a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, automobiles and trucks, headquartered in Chicago.


The company International Harvester was taken on August 12, 1902 by the merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Deering Harvester Company, Plano Harvester Co., Milwaukee Harvester Co., and Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co.

In 1908, the International Harvester Company m. b. H. Neuss Neuss founded the German subsidiary of IHC, which still sold initially imported from the USA products from International Harvester in Germany. A year later a factory was built there. 1911 we began this work with the production of agricultural machinery in 1937 was added the production of tractors. In 1994, the Neuss plant was closed.

1916 began with the production of school buses.

Due to the dominance of the brand Fordson (later Ford ) presented International Harvester in 1924 under the brand name of a new series of Farmall tractors before.

1927, the German head office was relocated to Berlin. After the war, the head office was moved again in 1946 by Berlin to Neuss. In 1952 bought the Frank G. Hough Company, which were especially known for their wheel loader. The brand name Hough was still maintained even after the takeover. 1953 International Harvester began in Neuss with the production of the models DED3, DGD4 and DLD2 that had been developed in Germany.

In 1939 International Harvester with the production of agricultural machinery in Doncaster. From 1949 tractors were manufactured there. Initially, these were assembled from production parts from the USA, later the premises but was expanded and the production of the parts were then locally. 1953 has begun in Doncaster with the production of bulldozers.

1955 sold you the range for domestic appliances to the Whirlpool Corporation.

In 1956, the IH before the new Agriomatic transmission. In 1958, the wagon factory Fuchs was acquired in Heidelberg. 1960 you bought the Solar Aircraft Company. 1962, presented to the TD-30 in front of the then largest bulldozer. In the same year began in Neuss with the production of trucks for the German market.

IHC also provided few grounds cars including the two-door Scout (1961-1980) and the four-door Travelall ( 1953-1975 ). Both cars competed in the domestic market with the products of Jeep, but also with the Chevrolet Blazer, Ford Bronco and Dodge Ramcharger. The International Scout was provided 1976-1982 by the Swiss automobile manufacturer Monteverdi with an elegant Italian body and as Monteverdi Safari more than 1000 copies. Further modifications of the Scout were the Monteverdi Sahara and Oasis Felber.

1974 bought one on the British truck manufacturer Seddon Atkinson.

1981 sold to the Solar Turbines division of Caterpillar.

The area of ​​construction machinery was sold to Dresser Industries in November 1982.

In 1985, the agricultural machinery production was sold to Tenneco, the International Harvester with her daughter Case to Case IH united. The Commercial Vehicle Division of International Harvester will continue as Navistar International since 1986. The International Harvester brand currently belongs to the Group, CNH Global, but is no longer marketed.

IHC Farmall Model H ( 1945)

International Harvester 824, 1972

IH Scout II 1979

International 955 XL from 1981/1982

Trucks from International Harvester