Iraqi Communist Party

The Iraqi Communist Party (Arabic الحزب الشيوعي العراقي, translation: al- Hizb al - ʿ Schīū iy al - ʿ Irāqīy, english Iraqi Communist Party; abbreviation ICP ) was founded in March 1934 and is today one of the largest communist parties in the Arab world.

The ICP is also the oldest political party in Iraq.


The party played a major role in the overthrow of the monarchy in 1958, but was banned after the fall thisten Qasim and the power of the Ba ʿ.

In 1973, the ICP -General Muhammad Aziz and Iraqi President Ahmed Hassan al -Bakr decided to establish a National Front between the Baath Party and the ICP. Through this union, the Communist Party could now operating legally in Iraq. But this was also associated with elements of oppression, and until the fall of 1974, the party sought to increase their security through a secret underground movement. In 1978, a statute enacted by the then Vice - President Saddam Hussein law banning all parties, with the exception of the Ba ʿ th Party, to renewed repression against the party. According to the official takeover Hussein in 1979, the ICP officially broke with the government, however, a splinter group remained in the National Front. In 1993, the Kurdish part of IKP split off under Kamal Shakir and founded the Kurdistan Communist Party.