Itabashi Station

JR East Saikyo Line


The Itabashi Station (Japanese板桥 駅, Itabashi -eki ) is located in Itabashi located in Tokyo, Japan.


Opened: ( "Japan Railways "日本 鉄 道, literally) as freight station On March 1, 1885, the station of the first private railway company in Japan, Nippon tetsudō was. On November 1, 1906, the station went on with the nationalization of all private railway companies in the possession of the precursor of the Japanese National Railways. As of October 12, 1909, the station was hit by the then not yet finished ring Yamanote Line, and thus added to the passenger operation. A renaming of the section on which the station is located, between Ikebukuro and Akabane, Akabane was in - line until 15th July 1972. A re-naming of the departing line was followed a few years later, on September 30, 1985, the range of Akabane - line fully was to become the route of the newly opened Saikyo line.

On April 1, 1987, to the railway station in the possession of JR Higashi- Nihon by the privatization of the state railway. On 16 March 1996, the freight operation was finally abandoned after 110 years and 1999 finally demolished the Appendices to the freight station.

Design and tracks

The station was built in the most commonly encountered design as a through station on the ground floor. He has hit that a single central platform with a total of two platform tracks.


The train station is only serviced by the Saikyo Line of JR Higashi- Nihon. The paint used in the table below corresponds to the color code used by the JR Higashi- Nihon line.


Within walking distance to the east of the station there are memorial stones for Hijikata toshizo and Kondō Isami.

In the immediate vicinity, within a maximum of 500m, there are other stations of other companies. These are firstly the stations Kita- Ikebukuro and Shimo- Itabashi Tōjō the line operated by Tōbu tetsudō and Metro Station Shin- Itabashi (I -17) Mita Line Toei Subway.


In 2008, the station from an average of 29 724 passengers was used on the day, so the rank of 138 took over 900 on the ranking of the busiest train stations of JR Higashi- Nihon in 2008.

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