Itabashi, Tokyo

Itabashi (Japanese板桥 区, -ku ) is one of the 23 city wards of Tokyo, capital of Japan.


Itabashi is located in the Kantō level. It is located in the north of the city between the West and Kita Nerima in the east. To the south of Itabashi is the county Toshima. The Arakawa limits the district to the north, on the other side are the towns of Wako and Toda in Saitama Prefecture. In the south of the river Shakujii traverses the district.

The center of the district is a business district, while to the north are industrial settlements.


The name Itabashi, to German " plank bridge " indicates a wooden suspension bridge over the Shakujii that existed here before the Heian period. In the Edo period, the Nakasendō proceeded via the nearby Shimo- Itabashi (lower plank bridge ), so that the name spread to the surrounding area. In Itabashi was one of the four post stations of Edo, where travelers from and made in the capital holding. The fief ( han ) Kaga had an estate here.

On October 1, 1932 nine small towns ( machi ) and villages were affiliated with the city of Tokyo and summarized to the municipality Itabashi ( Mura) of the then Kitatoshima -gun. On 3 May 1947, he became one of the then 22 districts ( tokubetsu -ku ). On 1 August of the same year the Nerima Ward Itabashi was split.


Itabashi is connected to the motorway Tokyo, the National road 17 to Chūō or Niigata and to the National Road 254 after Bunkyō or Matsumoto. By train on the JR Saikyo can line Itabashi or Ukimafunado after Ōmiya or Osaki and with the Toei Mita Line Nishi- Takashimadaira, Shin- Takashimadaira, Takasahimadaira, Nishidai, Hasune, Shimura sanchome, Shimura Sakaue, Motohasunuma, Itabashi - honcho, Itabashi - ku Yakusho -mae or Shin- Itabashi according to Meguro. In addition, you can with the Tōkyō Metro Yurakucho Line of Chikatetsu - Narimasu by Wako or Kōtō and with the Tōbu Tōjō Main Line of Ōyama, Naka- Itabashi, Tokiwadai, Kami- Itabashi, Tōbu Nerima, Shimo- Akatsuka or Narimasu to Ikebukuro or Saitama.


Four universities have campuses in Itabashi: the Tokyo Kasei University, Teikyo University, Daito Bunka University, and the medical faculty of Nihon University.


  • LDP: 14
  • Kōmeitō: 12
  • JCP: 8
  • Shimin Net: 5
  • DPJ: 5
  • Non-attached Members: 1

Since 2007, the former LDP prefectural MPs Takeshi Sakamoto is mayor of Itabashi. He was confirmed in the regional elections in 2011 for a second term. Also in the regional elections, the 46 members of the District Parliament were elected.

In Prefecture parliamentary elections Itabashi Five mandate constituency and was represented after the last election in 2013 by two Liberal Democrats and one member of Kōmeitō, JCP and Minna no Tō.

For the Shūgiin the district konstitutiert since the electoral reform of the 1990s, the Einmandatswahlkreis Tokyo 11 which is held continuously from the Liberal Democrats Hakubun Shimomura today.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Inagaki Gorō (Member of the teen idol band SMAP)
  • Maaya Sakamoto (singer and voice actress )


  • Canada Burlington ( Ontario) ( since May 1985 )
  • China People's Republic of Shijingshan, Beijing (since October 1999)
  • Italy Bologna ( since July 2005)

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