Sumida, Tokyo

Sumida (Japanese墨 田 区, -ku ) is one of the 23 districts of Tokyo Prefecture. It is located in the northeast of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

The name of the district comes from the eponymous river Sumida (隅田川, -gawa ). However, the first character by the same spoken first character of the alternative name for the river bank (墨 堤) was replaced.


The district lies between the rivers Arakawa to the east and Sumida in the West.


Sumida was taken on March 15, 1947 by merging the former boroughs Honjo (本 所 区, -ku ) and Mukojima (向 岛 区, -ku ) of Tokyo city.


The district Sumida consists inter alia of the following districts ( for a complete list, see List of districts of Tokyo's Sumida district ):

  • In the southwest are located on the territory of former district Honjo Ryōgoku are aligned in the southwest, where originally was the Ryōgoku Kokugikan in the intermittently since 1909 sumo tournaments in Tokyo; the Ryōgoku Bridge ( Ryogokubashi ) close to the train station Ryōgoku the Yasukuni - dori leads over the Sumida.
  • In Yokoami north of it are today Ryōgoku Kokugikan and Edo Tōkyō Museum.
  • Further north, on the banks of the Sumida are Azumabashi, the same bridge, and - not in the former Mukojima District - the district Mukojima.


  • Street: Urban motorway Tokyo No. 6 ( Mukojima - line), or by Chūō Katsushika
  • No. 7 ( Komatsugawa - line) of the Ryōgoku Junction in Sumida Edogawa after
  • JR Chūō - sobu - line of Ryōgoku or Kinshicho after Mitaka or Chiba
  • JR sobu Main Line ( sobu quick line) of Kinshicho to Tokyo or Chiba
  • Oshiage Keisei Line from Oshiage, Keisei Hikifune or Yahiro by Katsushika
  • Tōbu Isesaki - line of Narihira - Bashi, Hikifune, Higashi - Mukojima or Kanegafuchi after Taitō or Isesaki
  • Tōbu Kameido Line, Higashi- Azuma, Omurai or Hikifune after Kōtō
  • Toei Asakusa Line, Honjo - Azuma -bashi or Oshiage after Ōta
  • Toei Shinjuku Line, by Kikukawa to Shinjuku or Ichikawa
  • Toei Oedo Line, of Ryōgoku to Shinjuku or Nerima
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, from Kinshicho or Oshiage to Shibuya


  • LDP: 14
  • Kōmeitō: 7
  • JCP: 5
  • Sumida no Kizuna: 3
  • Other fractions ( one member each ): 3

For the fourth time Noboru Yamazaki was chosen for the Simplified regional elections of 2011 DPJ Kōmeitō support for mayor of Sumida. Also in the unified regional elections, the 32 members of the local parliament were last elected new.

For the Parliament of the Tokyo Prefecture Sumida is a three- mandate constituency at the last election in 2013 the two Liberal Democrats and one Kōmeitō member won.

For the lower house of the national parliament, the districts Sumida and Arakawa form the constituency of Tokyo 14, represented since 2003, with an interruption of the Liberal Democrat Midori Matsushima.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hokusai (1760-1849), representative of the Japanese Ukiyo -e
  • Seiji Miyaguchi (1913-1985), actor
  • Masakazu Morita (born 1972 ), voice actor and actor
  • Hiroyuki Nagahama (* 1958), politician
  • Sadaharu Oh ( born 1940 ), baseball player


  • Japan Takahata
  • China People's Republic Shíjǐngshān Qū, Beijing ( since 13 December 1997)

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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