Sendai (Japanese仙台 市, -shi) is a city and administrative headquarters of the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi.

Sendai is the largest city in the Tohoku region and is located on the narrow strip of land between the Pacific coast and the mountains.


Sendai was founded by Date Masamune as the capital of his territory in 1600. Masamune built his castle and his castle on a hill, next to the river Hirose flows. This castle was also Aobajō (青叶 城, castle of green leaves) - after the hill name - called.

In the Meiji period Sendai became the capital of Miyagi Prefecture. Because Sendai already at that time was the largest city in the Tohoku region, the city became a capital of commerce, education and politics. At the site of the former castle, a garrison and the Tohoku University were located.

With the introduction of modern authorities by the Meiji government in 1889 a Sendai Shi, an independent city. For the centenary of this event was 1989 Sendai Seirei shitei toshi, a " big city by government decree ."

On 11 March 2011 is 130 kilometers to the Tōhoku earthquake, which has led to a tsunami in the coastal region of the city took place outside the city in the sea. Until May 20, 685 dead and 180 missing persons were counted.

Politics and Administration

  • Jiyūminshutō · Sendai ( Sendai Liberal Democratic Party ): 12
  • Shimin Forum Sendai ( " Citizens' Forum Sendai "; Democratic Party ): 9
  • Fukkō Sendai ( " Rebuilding Sendai " ): 9
  • Kōmeitō: 8
  • JCP: 7
  • SDP: 5
  • Minna no Tō · Minna no Sendai: 4
  • Jiyūminshutō ( Liberal Democratic Party): 1

Sendai is divided as Seirei shitei toshi into districts, namely: Aoba -ku, Miyagino -ku, Wakabayashi -ku, Taihaku -ku and Izumi -ku. These five districts are also the constituencies for the City Council ( Sendai shigikai ) whose since 2011 regularly 55 members are elected by simple non- transferable vote for four years, most recently at the 2011 elections that were originally scheduled for the unified regional elections in April, but were postponed due to the Great East Japan earthquake in September 2011.

The mayor is elected directly every four years. On 26 July 2009, the former Deputy Mayor Emiko Okuyama was elected with the support of the DPJ and SDP as successor by Katsuhiko Umehara, who decided not to run after a scandal involving abusive employed taxi vouchers for a second term. She was re-elected in August 2013 with the support of the established non-Communist parties (LDP, DPJ, Komei, SDP) in the historically low turnout of 30 % against a CPY -based challenger for a second term.


  • Air Sendai Airport: from here go international flights to neighboring countries
  • Subway

In the city there is a subway line and another is currently under construction ( see: Subway Sendai ).

  • Train JR Tohoku Shinkansen
  • JR Tōhoku Main Line
  • JR Senseki line
  • JR Senzan - line

Sendai is one of the most important stops on the route JR Tohoku Shinkansen.

  • Road Tōhoku Expressway
  • Yamagata highway
  • National Road 4
  • National Road 6
  • National Road 45
  • National Road 286



In Sendai is the Tohoku University. Architecturally internationally known and important is the Sendai Mediatheque, designed by Tokyo architect Toyo Ito and inaugurated in 2001.

Among the most famous culinary specialties from Sendai include Gyūtan, cut into thin slices and grilled cow tongue; Sasakamaboko, a fish sausage wrapped in leaves; and Zundamochi, mochi balls with a bright green edamame paste.

Most important daily newspaper is the Kahoku Shimpo.

Economy and infrastructure

The economy in Sendai is dominated by trade and service companies. Only a few major companies have their headquarters there, however, as branches of companies located elsewhere.

In Sendai is the headquarters of the utility Tohoku Denryoku.

Universities and Colleges

  • Tohoku University
  • Tohoku Gakuin University


  • Baseball - Sendai is the home of the baseball club Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Pacific League, whose games are played in Sendai Miyagi Stadium.
  • Football - Sendai is the home of the football club Vegalta Sendai in the J. League, whose games are played in Yurtec Stadium.
  • Sendai 89ers (Basketball)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hitoshi Abe (architect)
  • Kei Agaki ( jazz pianist and university teachers)
  • Hirohiko Araki ( mangaka )
  • George W. Casey Jr. ( General of the U.S. Army)
  • Doi Bansui, poet and translator
  • Ryōjirō Furusawa, jazz drummer
  • Yuzuru Hanyū ( figure skater )
  • Takashi Ishii ( born 1946 ), film director and screenwriter
  • Somei Satō (Composer)
  • Kiyoshi Shiga (physician, bacteriologist )
  • Kazutoki Umezu (jazz musician)
  • Januarius Hayasaka Kyunosuke (1883-1959), Bishop of Nagasaki


  • United States Riverside, United States
  • France Rennes, France
  • Mexico Acapulco, Mexico
  • Belarus Minsk, Belarus
  • Flag of South Korea Gwangju, South Korea
  • United States Dallas, United States
  • People's Republic of China Changchun, People's Republic of China
  • Finland Oulu, Finland
  • China Republic of Tainan, Republic of China ( Taiwan)





Hirose River

Steam Locomotive C60 1 in Sakuragaoka Park

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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  • Yamagata ( Yamagata )
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