Tainan (Chinese台南市, Pinyin Tainan Shì, W.-G. T'ai -nan -shih, PEH oē - jī Tâi - lâm - chhi, Southern Taiwan ') is the oldest and with approximately 1.9 million inhabitants, the fifth largest city ​​in Taiwan. The city is located in southwestern Taiwan and belongs to the Republic of China, where it is one of five centrally-administered cities.

Tainan was built from 1621 due to the favorable port location as a Dutch colonial city. 1662 sales Koxinga, the Dutch garrison in 1684 and Tainan was ( under the name of Taiwan Fu, " Taiwan government " ) is the capital of Taiwan Prefecture. Only in the 19th century was Taipei in the north of the island's capital. Tainan is a modern city that houses the National Cheng Kung University.

For all the modernity, the past is still alive everywhere: Ancient Temple, remains of more than 300 years old forts and buildings from the period of Japanese rule only indicative of the closeness of Taiwan with the millennia-old Chinese culture as well as the changing and diverse history of island.


The city area is bounded by the district of Jiayi in the north and the city of Kaohsiung in the south and east. In Nortwesten it borders the Formosastraße. The western part belongs to the intensively farmed Jianan level, the largest level in Taiwan. To the east is followed by a hilly landscape in the far east are the foothills of the Alishan Mountains.

The main roads west of Taiwan Tainan traverse. The station Tainan of Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail located in the district Guiren, a former municipality in the district.


Tainan has a railway station with trains to the North ( Keelung / Taipei / Taizhong ) and south ( Kaohsiung, Pingdong ). The high-speed rail Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail runs outside the city center, the train station is located near the Tainan Technology Park (express trains do not stop ).

Motorways and express roads connect with other places in Tainan Taiwan. Tainan has a port for the Taiwan Strait.

A military airfield near the city of Tainan is also used as a civilian airport and served by local airlines such as TransAsia Airways.

Administrative Divisions

On 25 December 2010, the surrounding Tainan County was incorporated into the city of Tainan. Thus, the population of almost 800,000 to almost 1.9 million was more than doubled, the city area of ​​175.6 km ² to 2191 km ² more than tenfold.

The enlarged Tainan city is divided into 37 districts (区, Qū ). Six districts belong to the southwest of the urban area located " core city ":

Another 31 districts have emerged from the former individual cities and towns of the district Tainan:

  • Anding (安定 区)
  • Baihe (白河 区)
  • Beimen (北 门 区)
  • Danei (大 内 区)
  • Dongshan (东山 区)
  • Guantian (官田 区)
  • Guanmiao (关 庙 区)
  • Guiren (归仁 区)
  • Houbi (后壁 区)
  • Jiali (佳里 区)
  • Jiangjun (将军 区)
  • Liujia (六甲 区)
  • Liuying (柳营 区)
  • Longqi (龙 崎 区)
  • Madou (麻豆 区)
  • Nanhua (南 化 区)
  • Nanxi (楠 西区)
  • Qigu (七 股 区)
  • Rende (仁德 区)
  • Shanhua (善化 区)
  • Shanshang (山上 区)
  • Xiaying (下 营 区)
  • Xigang (西 港区)
  • Xinhua (新化 区)
  • Xinshi (新 市区)
  • Xinying (新 营 区)
  • Xuejia (学 甲 区)
  • Yanshui (盐水 区)
  • Yongkang (永 康 区)
  • Yujing (玉井 区)
  • Zuozhen (左 镇区)


Some of the more than three hundred temples of Tainan are among the best preserved examples of traditional Chinese culture in Taiwan. Major temples include the Confucius Temple in Nanmen Street from 1665, the Kuanti temple in the Yungfu Street, where officials of the Qing dynasty were holding solemn rites in honor of the god of war, and the neighboring temple of the great sky Empress, of whom it is that he had the most beautiful temple carvings throughout Taiwan, then the Wufei Temple in Wufei street, dedicated to the five concubines who would rather die with her ​​prince and committed suicide when the new Qing to yield dynasty, and finally. Kaishan on the road the Shrine of Koxinga, a stalwart of the Ming Dynasty, who expelled the Dutch from Taiwan in 1661

The two newer temple at Hirschohrtor are once the Matsu temple with its thousand year old statue of the goddess, which brought Koxinga to Taiwan, and on the other the temple of the Holy Mother, an impressive complex of buildings that was created by the best artists in Taiwan.

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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Wang Chien- ming ( born 1980 ), baseball player ( Washington Nationals )
  • Enzo, * 1973, Taiwanese author and illustrator of picture books