ITI is an abbreviation for:

  • Tecnologia da Informação Instituto Nacional de, the top Brazilian IT Authority
  • International Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, a Pontifical Institute in Lower Austria
  • International Theatre Institute, an international network of theater artists
  • International Team for Implantology, a research center for Implatationstechnik in Switzerland
  • Intratubal insemination, see Insemination
  • ITI Group, Polish media group
  • Is This It, debut album of American indie rock band The Strokes

Iti is geographically:

  • A mountain range and nature reserve in Greece, see Iti ( Mountains)
  • A municipality of the Greek city Gorgopotamos

Iti is the name of:

  • Iti (Pharaoh), ancient Egyptian king of the 8th dynasty
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