Iuput II

Auput II (also Iupet II or Awapet II ) was about 754 / 753-727 BC pharaoh (king) and from 727 to about 715 BC nomarch of the Empire of Leontopolis ( Hat- Mehit Gau ) in the Nile Delta, adjacent to the sites of Tanis, Mendes, Athribis and Bubastis.


As the father is busy in the 11th year of the reign Sheshonk V. Harnacht II of Mendes; Auputs great-grandfather Harnacht I in the 22nd and 30th year of the reign Sheshonk III. With the name Auputs be assigned: A donation stela of a Grand Duke of Meshwesh, Smendes; inscribed bronze door hinge; Fayencekachel (see picture), the Auput II maps with blue crown; Granite base from Leontopolis, which was probably erected by his son, the Prince Padiaset.

On Auput II refers in the year 736/735 BC, the date of a graffito in the Wadi Gasus with the naming of Amenirdis I and II Schepenupet (Year 12 of Piye, year 19 of the Auput II ). In the meantime, more graffiti were found from his ninth and twelfth year of reign.


He is first in the year 727 BC, Osorkon IV of Bubastis ally of Tefnachte of Sais in the fight against Piye. But this he has to submit.