Izhma River

The Ischma at Ust- Uchta

Position of Ischma ( Ижма ) in the catchment area of the Pechora

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The Ischma (Russian Ижма, komi Изьва / Iswa ) is a 531 km long left tributary of the Pechora in the northeast of the European part of Russia.


The Ischma rises approximately 200 meters above sea level on the northeast flank of the southern Timanrückens. It flows throughout their course in predominantly north-westerly to the north taiga areas of the central Komi Republic. In the middle reaches there are rapids downstream of the flow in increasingly pointed rich and marshy areas meandering sections in wide arcs, forming arms and larger river islands. In the lower reaches, the Ischma turns west to flow to less than 40 km parallel to the Pechora before it finally joins latter in the village of Ust- Ischma in 14 m height.

The main tributaries are Nizhny Odes ( Odes Low ) Aijuwa and Sebys of right and Sedju, Uchta and Kedwa from the left.


The catchment area of ​​31,000 km ² comprises Ischma. In estuaries near the river reaches a width of over 500 meters at a depth of about two meters; the flow rate is in this case 0.7 m / s

The Ischma freezes from mid-November to mid-May. The Drainage of Kartajol, 154 km above the mouth, is an annual average of 214 m³ / s at a minimum of 54 m³ / s in March and a maximum of 928 m³ / s in May, the village Ischma, 79 km upstream of the mouth, already accordance with 317 and 1331 m³ / s

Infrastructure and economy

The Ischma is navigable from Ust- Uchta at the mouth of the largest tributary Uchta to over 300 km for smaller vehicles, on the upper half of this section, however, due to a variety of rapids only when there is sufficient water level. As an inland waterway therefore apply today only 82 km from the village Ischma to the mouth ..

The banks of the Ischma are relatively densely populated in the scale of the Republic of Komi; There are places along the entire run. Greatest place and only city close to the river is Sosnogorsk that until 1957 also Ischma said. Below the town the Ischma takes on the creek Uchta on which lies a few kilometers upstream of the same city Uchta. In Sosnogorsk the Ischma of the Pechora Railway Konosha - Kotlas - Vorkuta and Syktyvkar the road - Uchta - Wuktyl crossed. Here also branch off a railway line and a road to Troitsko - Petschorsk on the upper Pechora, following the upper reaches of the Ischma in varying distance and cross this one or three times. In this area, the settlements Woiwosch and Werchneischemski, oil deposits are exploited; next to the forestry plays the biggest role.