J. B. Bury

John Bagnell Bury ( usually short JB Bury, born October 16, 1861 in County Monaghan, Ireland, † June 1, 1927 in Rome ) was a major Irish originating ancient historian, Byzantine Studies and classical philologist.

Bury, the son of an Anglican clergyman and brother of the philologist and historian of philosophy Robert Gregg Bury, attended Foyle College in Derry and Trinity College, Dublin, where he taught since 1885. In 1893 he became a professor of modern history, from 1898 he taught Greek. In 1902 he was appointed to the University of Cambridge, where he held the chair of Modern History, though he mainly dealt with the ancient world. In a lecture he explained there in 1903: " History is a science, no more, no less " ( History is a science, no more, no less).

Bury's sphere of influence encompassed a wide spectrum: He gave Edward Gibbon 's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire out new, edited works of Pindar, wrote articles for the Encyclopædia Britannica ( edition of 1911), was editor of the first edition of the Cambridge Ancient History and the author of several standard works such as a History of Greece, History of the Later Roman Empire (1889, 1923 in a newly designed edition) or The invasion of Europe by the Barbarians. He also dealt with the Byzantine Empire and the Papacy, and with the philosophy of history. Especially his work on late antiquity and the Byzantine Empire make today, although sometimes far from the state of research here, a significant contribution to the development of this era is, especially in the area of ​​the event history.