J. Paul Getty

Jean Paul Getty (* December 15, 1892 in Minneapolis, † June 6, 1976 in Sutton Place near Guildford ) was an American oil tycoon, industrialist and art patron.

Jean Paul was a son of George Franklin Getty and his wife Sarah Risher. He was the founder of the Getty Oil Co., which is one of Texaco Inc. since 1984. In addition to his successful entrepreneurial activities, he was also patron of the arts. So he founded in 1953 in Malibu, California, the J. Paul Getty Museum, a collection of ancient works of art, manuscripts, paintings from the 15th to the 19th century, arts and crafts and photographs. The Getty Research Center, a research institute for art and intellectual history, publishes the art scientific bibliography RILA. Museum and Institute were relocated to a new building in 1997 to Los Angeles.

Marriages and children

1923-1925 ∞ Jeanette Dumont ( b. 1905 )

  • George Franklin Getty († 1973)

1926-1928 ∞ Allene Ashby (* 1909), daughter of a Texas rancher

  • No children

1928-1932 ∞ Adolphine Helmle (* 1910), daughter of a German industrialist

  • Jean Ronald Getty

1932-1935 ∞ Ann Rork (* 1912), daughter of a Hollywood producer.

  • Sir John Paul Getty II (1932-2003) ∞ 1956/gesch. 1964 Gail Harris | 2 ∞ 1966 Talitha Pol ( 1940-1971 )
  • Gordon Peter Getty ( b. 1934 ) ∞ Cynthia Beck

1939 -? ∞ Louisa Theodora "Teddy" Lynch

  • Timothy died at the age of twelve years


On July 15, 1973 his grandson John Paul Getty III. , Son of John Paul Getty II was abducted as a 17- year-old in Rome. The grandfather initially refused to pay ransom. The kidnappers cut John Paul then ear off and sent it to a newspaper. Then he paid the required sum of 3.4 million dollars. Through media reports it was revealed that he asked his grandson to repay the ransom paid with compound interest.