Jack Angel

Jack Angel ( born October 24, 1930 in Modesto, California) is an American voice actor.

Life and work

Angel lives near his birthplace in California. After many years as a radio host, he was primarily known for his work as a voice actor, which he has held since 1969. In numerous television series for children, video games, but also in movies is to hear his voice. Among his most famous works include Spider -Man the animated series, The Transformers and Super Friends. In all three parts of the Toy Story movies was listening to Angel.

2012 Angel published two books, The Book of Jack (ISBN 14-582-03891 ) and How to Succeed with voice-overs (ISBN 14-582-03212 ).

Filmography (selection)

Angel lent his voice to many characters in animated series, including:

  • The Transformers
  • DuckTales
  • Dino - Riders
  • Blondie and Dagwood
  • 1987: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles