Jack (playing card)

The Jack - also known as boy or farmer - is a playing card, which appears in many different map sheets, is mapped to the most significant a knight or soldier. Abbreviated as it is with the first letter of the language in which the respective output is utilized. So "B" ( for Jack) and " V" ( for valet ) in the French Journal and "J" ( for jack ) in the Anglo- American sheet ( see below).

The German Journal of Jack appears as → sub.

Double sheet

In the French version of the print sheet, the French knights depicted is provided with names starting with checked Hector, " Lahire ," Ogier and Lancelot. These are interpreted as

  • KREUZBUBE: Lancelot, the Knight of the Arthurian Legend
  • Jack of Spades: Ogier de Danemarche, so Holger Danske
  • Jack of Hearts: La Hire, a soldier on the side of Joan of Arc
  • Jack of Diamonds: Hector of Troy Roland, a paladin of Charlemagne

Anglo - American Journal

The boy was called in English-speaking first knave ( Scarce or Jack), but the mid-19th century, should be printed as playing cards with identification marks in the corners, there were fears that confusion between the " boys ", abbreviation Kn, with the King (king ) K is shortened. Therefore, the " boy " of knave was renamed the jack, and the card since then printed with a "J". Jack stood as Allerweltsname for a simple man, the woodcutter, for example, called "lumberjack "


The ranking of the boys is usually as if he were the game card with the number 11. Since he is the first card with a face, he is used in many games as a minimum requirement for something. In some poker games, but especially on machines with a pair of jacks or better (Jacks or better) is needed to win a game. The boy is in the card game of poker before the 10 and the lady behind the fourth- best game card, so there are 9 worse playing cards. In the game of Skat " farmers " are usually the trump cards, as well as the Bauerchen. For double head of the cross - jack plays depending on the game variation, a special role ( ' Carlie Miller " ).

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