Queen (playing card)

The lady is a playing card, which appears in many different map sheets, on the most significant woman is depicted. Abbreviated as it is with the first letter of the language in which the respective output is used. So "D" ( for lady ) in the French Journal and "Q" ( for queen) in the Anglo - American sheet.

The German Journal of the lady appears as → top.

Double sheet

In the French -pressure version of the French women are different sheet for each color mapped and designated by a name, Rachel, Judith, Pallas Athéna and " Argine ". Interpreted these are called

  • Queen of Clubs: " Argine ", an anagram of REGINA (Latin for queen), this is often the biblical Mary ( "Queen of Heaven " )
  • Queen of Spades: Pallas Athena ( Greek goddess of wisdom )
  • Queen of Hearts: Judith ( biblical ideal of piety )
  • Karodame: Rachel ( biblical figure as the ideal of beauty )

In the card games

The older lady is usually as if it were the game card with the number 12.

The lady is in the card game of poker before the boys and behind the King the third best game card, so there are 10 worse game cards.

In the double- head the cross - Women have a special role in the gameplay ( "Old" ).

In the game Kaschlan the Karo -Dame is the highest card.

The special " Queen of Hearts "

  • The Queen of Hearts ( as " Queen of Hearts " ) is an important figure in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Supposedly, the heart -Dame in the English Journal Elizabeth of York dar. Unlike their French counterparts are on English cards but officially mapped not real people.

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