Dschahrom (Persian جهرم ) is a city in the province of Fars in Iran. It is located 190 km south-east of Shiraz.

The city is in the form of Zarham first time to his writing Middle Persian verse novel Kārnāmak -i -i Artaxšer Pāpākān mention of the reign Ardashir I has as its object, and is also mentioned several times in the Shahnameh of Firdausi. Presumably, the name means "Green Country ".

The mainly agriculturally oriented town with its tropical and subtropical vegetation produced today, especially dates, citrus and wheat. Also, here carpets are made.

South of Jahrom is the Sang- Shekan Cave.

Colleges and Universities

The city has three universities:

  • Medical University of Dschahrom
  • Islamic University of Dschahrom
  • Payam -e Nūr Dschahrom

Famous people

  • Barbad, Sassanian musician and poet at the court of Khosrow Parviz
  • Camel Dschahromi, poet
  • Abdol Jabar Farami, poet
  • Abu Taleb -e Tofan, poet
  • Jalāl Tofan, poet
  • Afshin Ghotbi, soccer coach
  • Ali Mohammad Besharati