Jamea Jackson

Jamea Jackson ( born September 7, 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a former American tennis player.


Jackson began at the age of eight years with the tennis game. Her father Ernie Jackson was in the 1970s, cornerback for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League. In 2003 she took part in the ITF Tour and won two singles titles. On WTA - level it reached in 2006, the final of the tournament in Birmingham, however, it lost to Vera Swonarjowa extremely scarce with 7:612 and 7:65. In the same year she starred in the American Fed Cup team and won against Germany their games against Anna -Lena Grönefeld and Martina Müller for themselves. From the end of 2006, however, she suffered under hip pain and therefore underwent an operation in 2007. After an eight month hiatus, she returned in April 2008, again on the tour back, but had to go to the U.S. Open due to her injury suspend again. In 2009, she finally announced her departure.

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