Jay McShann

Jay McShann, James Columbus McShann actually, also known as Hootie McShann known, ( born January 12, 1916 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, † December 7, 2006 in Kansas City, Missouri ) was an American blues and swing pianist, bandleader and singers.


McShann had taught as a child playing the piano. He began in 1931 in the area around Tulsa, Oklahoma at Al Dennie and neighboring Arkansas to work as a professional musician. In 1936 he moved to Kansas City in Missouri, where he played in the band of Buster Smith, and in 1939 his own big band formed in the genes Ramey, Gus Johnson, Bernard Anderson, the singers, Al Hibbler and Walter Brown and Charlie Parker ( 1937 to 1941, then still a teenager ) played. They played both blues and swing, but they took mostly blues pieces on. Her best-known recording was Confessin 'The Blues. Parker could develop into a profiled saxophonist in McShanns band. In 1944, the band broke up when McShann had to begin his military service, however, came after he was released in the same year for a short time together again. In addition to his regular band McShann played in a trio with Gene Ramey and Gus Johnson in late April 1941 Decca the song " Confessin 'the Blues " a; Singer was Walter Brown. He was ranked 24 on the Billboard Top 30 was only in July 1943 succeeded him with his orchestra and the band singer Al Hibbler another hit with "Get Me on Your Mind" (# 18). It was also the only hit, participated in the Charlie Parker, who was, however, not to hear a solo.

In the second half of the 40s McShann had small bands. He now lived in Los Angeles. In 1945 he began working with Jimmy Witherspoon and take pictures. Then he fell into oblivion. In 1948, he moved to Los Angeles, where he founded a small band, and in 1958 again to Kansas City.

1969 Jay McShann was rediscovered and enjoyed considerable popularity since then as a singer and pianist. His CD " Going To Kansas City" was nominated for a Grammy, but in the category " Traditional Blues". McShann can also be experienced in the shot by Clint Eastwood documentary "The Blues ". The March 3, 1979 has been declared by the Governor of Missouri for " Jay McShann Day". Among many other honors McShann in 1987 received the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jay McShann died nonagenarian December 7, 2006 in Kansas City.




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