Jean-Louis Matinier

Jean -Louis Matinier (born in 1963 in Nevers, France) is one of the leading contemporary accordion player in the field of jazz and world music.

Life and work

Matinier studied classical music, then turned to jazz and other forms of improvised music. From 1989 to 1991 he played in the French National Jazz Orchestra Claude Barthélémy. Matinier overcomes the seemingly effortless boundaries between ( " imaginary " ) Folklore, swinging grooves and neo- impressionist innovation.

His way of playing is indeed strongly influenced by the attitude of a European, chamber jazz; by its specific uptake of the accordion tradition affects the music but also relaxing. His compositions are imaginative and he turns his instrument versatile. Matinier occurs usually with other instrumentalists, such as that accompanied by Renaud Garcia -Fons him in a very interactive duo on his bass not only. In Germany, it was initially known, having appeared with Michael Riessler. Matinier has also recorded with Louis Sclavis, Gianluigi Trovesi, Michel Godard, François Couturier, Philippe Caillat and Anouar Brahem and works currently with some of these musicians together.

Discography (selection)

  • Dave Friedman / Anthony Cox / Matinier: Another World
  • Fuera with Renaud García -Fons
  • Confluences with Renaud García- Fons, Bobby Rangell, Nelson Veras