Jean Richepin

Jean Richepin ( born February 4, 1849 in Médéa, Algeria, † December 12, 1926 in Paris) was a French writer, dramatist and poet.


Due to the occupation of the father, an army doctor, Richepin was in the Algerian Médéa (also Lemdiyya ) born. The Richepin family came originally from Hirson in thiérache. Im also in northern France Douai, he visited the school and then moved to the École Normale Supérieure. The study of literature he graduated in 1870. In the German - French war Richepin served as a Sniper under General Charles Denis Bourbaki.

The enthusiastic by the revolutionary ideas Jules Vallès Richepin joined in 1871 in Paris the poet circle Cercle des poètes Zutiques by Charles Cros, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Léon Valade at. With them he collaborated on the album Zutique, a collection of 24 mostly coarse and obscene parody verses. Unclear are the following four years of his life biography, Richepin could have invented to support its Draufgängertums and elevation of his manhood. Thereafter, he traveled to an intermediate station at the now living in Nancy family, from Burgundy, with gypsies in Italy. In Naples and later in Bordeaux he was said to be working as a dock worker and as a sailor. During this time, journalistic contributions such as Mot d' Ordre, Au Corsaire and La Vérité published. Together with the caricaturist André Gill (1840-1885) appeared in 1873 with L' Étoile his first play. 1875 Richepin returned back to Paris and settled in the Latin Quarter. Here he frequented the local artists and met the writer Raoul Ponchon, Maurice Rollinat, Paul Bourget and Léon Bloy.

Richepin 1876 became famous with the song of the Verssammlung gueux who received a publication ban because of their bluntness. Richepin was briefly detained and had to pay a fine of 500 francs for outrage aux mœurs (Insult of manners ) pay. In a similar directness of his following verses Les Caresses, Les blasphemes, La Mer, Mes paradis and La Bombard were written.

His novels Les morts bizarre, La Glu and Le Pavé are marked by brutality and morbidity. Later works, such as Madame André, Sophie Monnier, Cisarine, L' Aîné, Grandes of amoureuses and La Gibasse show a thoughtful psychology. More modest biography can be found in Miarka, Les Braves in gene Truandailles, La Miseloque and Flamboche. The latter was used as a template to César Cui his eponymous opera.

Had great success Richepin with his plays, many of which were performed at the Comédie - Française. 1883 who had his piece of Nana Sahib with Sarah Bernhardt in the title role Premiere. Also in 1897, his play Le chemineau great acclaim.

Works (selection)


  • La Chanson gueux of Paris in 1876, reprint 1990 ISBN 2-7291-0463-1 Paris
  • Les Caresses Paris 1877
  • Les blasphemes Paris 1884
  • La Mer Paris 1886/1980
  • Mes Paradis Paris 1894
  • La Bombard: contes à chanter Paris 1899
  • Les glass 1922
  • Interludes 1923
  • Les petits gagne -pain parisiens 1927


  • Madame André Paris 1878
  • La Glu Paris 1881/2001 ISBN 2-911835-08-5 German Madame lime Armin Schwarz Budapest 1882
  • Quatre petits romans: Soeur Doctrouvé; Monsieur Destrémeaux; Une histoire de l' autre monde; Les Debuts de César Borgia Paris 1882
  • Miarka: la fille à l' ourse Paris 1883
  • Braves gene Paris 1886
  • Cesarine Paris 1888 German JCC Bruns, Minden 1903
  • Le Cadet 1890
  • L' Aime 1893
  • Flamboche Paris 1895
  • Lagibasse: roman magique Paris in 1900
  • L' Aile 1911


  • Les morts bizarre Paris 1877/1981 ISBN 2-7304-0082-6
  • Le Pavé, croquis parisiens 1883
  • Truandailles 1890
  • Cauchemars 1892
  • La Miseloque 1893
  • Les Grandes Amoureuses 1896
  • Contes de la decadence romaine Paris 1898/1993 ISBN 2-84049-023-4
  • Paysage et coin de rue 1900
  • Contes espagnols 1901
  • Prose de guerre 1915
  • La Clique 1917
  • Le coin des fous edition Paris 1996 ISBN 2-8404-9110-9
  • Contes sans morale 1922


  • La Glu Paris 1883
  • Pierrot assassin Paris 1883
  • Nana Sahib Paris 1883
  • Macbeth Paris 1884.
  • Monsieur Scapin Paris 1886
  • Le filibusters Paris 1888
  • Le Mage (Opera ) Text by Jean Richepin, music by Jules Massenet Paris 1891
  • Par le glaive Paris, Comédie- Française in 1892
  • Le Chemineau Paris, Arles 1897/1996 ISBN 2-7427-0727-1
  • La Martyrdom of Paris in 1898.
  • La Gitane Paris 1900.
  • L' Imperatrice ( Ballet), ( Ballet ) Text by Jean Richepin, music by Paul Vidal, Paris 1901
  • Don Quichotte Paris 1905
  • Miarka (Music Drama ) Text by Jean Richepin, music by Alexandre Georges, Paris 1905
  • La Belle au bois dormant along with Henri Cain Paris 1907
  • La Beffa Paris 1910