Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer ( born July 29, 1950 in Gallipolis, Ohio) is an American conceptual artist.


Holzer wrote in 1968 in the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and took summer courses at Ohio University. In 1970, she studied for a year drawing and printmaking at the University of Chicago in 1972 and made her degree at Ohio University. 1975 Holzer went to the Rhode Iceland School of Design, where two years later her master's examination took off. After she moved to New York City in 1977, she oversaw the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art and began to work as an art with text.


The center of Jenny Holzer's work is the realization of ideas in public space. Street posters are her favorite medium, she uses for her work, other media, such as LED strips, benches, stickers, T -shirts and the WWW. She is a member of the group Colab. In Germany they chose for the first time in the early 1990s in Nordhorn a garden as a medium for creating an " anti - memorial " against war and National Socialism within the international landscape art project Art Because of Nordhorn. In 2002 she received the Emperor the city of Goslar.

In June 2005, the city council of Wiesbaden decided by the votes of the CDU, FDP and Republicans, not to lay down a building designed by Holzer Memorial for the Victims of National Socialism. Since 2009 in the park of Schloss Rheder ( county Hoexter ) laid down tree trunks, in the Holzer's texts from the projects "Survival", "Under the rock," are engraved together with poems by Henri Cole.


  • Truisms, (since 1979 ) is probably their best-known work. Jenny Holzer has compiled a series of statements and aphorisms ( " truisms " ) and published it in several ways: listed on street posters, in a house facade in 1982 in Kassel for documenta 7 in phone booths, in 1982 even on one of the LED light panels of the Times Square or 1999 on a BMW V12 race car for the 24- hour race at Le Mans ( BMW Art Car)
  • Inflammatory Essays ( 1978-79 ), where she used text of Trotsky, Hitler, Mao, Lenin and Emma Goldman.
  • Living Series (early 1980s )
  • Survival Series (1983-1985), with more militant aphorisms.
  • Under a Rock
  • Lament
  • Child Text, a work on the subject of motherhood for the Venice Biennale of 1990.
  • Please Change Beliefs (1995), created for the net art gallery Adaweb.
  • Black Garden / Black Garden (built 1992-1994) in Nordhorn (Lower Saxony ) in the context of the sculpture project, "Art paths "
  • Oskar Maria Graf Memorial ( 1997) in Munich Literature House
  • Run text column in the Bundestag (1999), on the 447 speeches by German MPs from the years 1871 to 1999
  • For Paula Modersohn -Becker (2005) in the Paula Modersohn -Becker Museum, Bremen
  • Text projection of a poem by the Polish Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska on the facade of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois, 2008 on the occasion of Art Chicago
  • For Frankfurt, text projections at six different locations in Frankfurt am Main, as well as at the St. Nicholas Church at the Roman Mountain and the Literature House Frankfurt ( 2010)