Jerry Fielding

Jerry Fielding, actually Joshua Feldman ( born June 17, 1922 in Pittsburgh, † February 17, 1980 in Toronto ) was an American radio personality and film and television composer. He died of a heart attack.

Work in radio and television

Jerry Fielding was musical director for radio and television, including some early episodes of the TV and radio versions of You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx. Fielding is also known for the settings of two episodes of Star Trek ( " The Trouble with Tribbles " and "Wild West in space" ). He also wrote the theme songs for the television series The Seven Million Dollar Woman and Hogan's Heroes.


Jerry Fielding was nominated for three Academy Awards:

In addition, he received an Emmy in 1980 for High Midnight ( " Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Limited Series or a Special ( Dramatic Underscore) " ) - but only after his death.

Filmography (selection)