JJC is the stage name of Nigerian rapper and producer Abdul Rasheed Bello ( born April 4, 1977 in Kano, Nigeria). JJC is (literally German: Johannes comes straight ) as an abbreviation for Johnny Just Come, a Nigerian slang phrase for a recent arrival.


Since 1991 JJC lives in London. He has produced recordings for pop artists in the UK such as Liberty X, Lemar and Big Brovaz and founded his own production company currently Backbone Music.

Together with the Nigerian rap group 419 Squad ( 419 is the section in the Nigerian criminal code for fraud as well as the colloquial name for the Nigerian advance fee fraud ) he released his first album Atide produced and passed on numerous occasions, including WOMAD, performances.


  • 2004: Kora All Africa Music Award along with Squad 419 in the category Best Artist of West Africa


  • 2002: Atide feat. 419 Squad