Joachim Marquardt

Karl Joachim Marquardt ( born April 19, 1812 in Gdansk, † November 30, 1882 in Gotha ) was a German high school teacher, classical scholar and historian.

He studied from 1830 at the University of Berlin. In 1833 he received the teaching certificate and was first in 1834 assistant teacher at the Friedrich-Wilhelms -Gymnasium in Berlin, in 1836 teacher at the Gymnasium in Danzig. In 1840 he received his doctorate in Königsberg. In 1856 he became director of the Friedrich- Wilhelm -Gymnasium in Posen, since 1859, he was director of the school Ernestinum in Gotha.

His main works were Roman state administration, The Private Life of the Romans, and (with Wilhelm Adolf Becker) the manual of Roman antiquities.

As a professor at the gymnasium of Gotha, he joined as the creator of numerous catheter flowers in the footsteps of Johann Georg August Galletti. Marquardt's sayings were published in 1911 in Gotha under the title Marquardtiana.

On Marquardt go back and Others:

  • The Pegasus is the hardest thing you can ride.
  • In England, the Queen is always a woman.
  • What Cicero has said since, that's right; what he did not say that is wrong.

His estate is located in the Gotha Research Library.

Portrait medal

  • Bronze medal in 1882, 45 mm, on his death on 30 November 1882 medalist: Friedrich Ferdinand Helfricht ( 1809-1892 ). Front: JOACHIM <> MARQUARDT --- undressed bust with whiskers to the right, signed: F. Helfricht back: between laurel branches seven lines of text: GEB. TO / DANZIG / April 19, 1812 / GEST. TO / GOTHA / November 30 / 1882

The medal was created by Ferdinand Helfricht. The gymnasium in Gotha acquired 50 of these medals to award to a sixth-former.