Joan of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia is a television series, in which religious, dramatic, comedic and " soapige " elements are interconnected. Actress is Amber Tamblyn, who plays Joan, a girl who is in the midst of puberty and regularly gets tasks of "God."

The series ran September 2003 to May 2005 on U.S. television before it was canceled after 45 episodes.


Joan Girardi is a typical American teenager, 15 years old and a sophomore, so visit the 10th grade of high school the small town of Arcadia. She lives there with her ​​family. Her father Will Girardi takes up his post as chief of police in Arcadia, her mother Helen is an art teacher at the high school. And then there are her brother Luke, who insanely interested in physics and chemistry, and Kevin sitting in a wheelchair after a car accident and thus first has to resign.

But Joan is somehow different. Regularly appear on the people with whom she has never changed a word, claim to be God and give Joan instructions. Often these arise for them at first glance does not make sense. The garbage man asks them to look for a job, a boy from her stage gives her make-up tips or a little girl asked her to join the chess club at school. All in the name of God. Of course Joan is skeptical in the beginning. Especially since she does not know who will respond next. Although she is not sure whether God exists or - if it exists - what he wants from her, she puts his cryptic suggestions into action and is so often a trouble or makes a fool of himself.

By the time they, however, noted that it can help in this way the people around her. Even if you do the tipster, God, really weird appear, they followed his instructions - in the first few episodes still quite skeptical in the later but with growing confidence. And this pays off. In various ways it gets deeper insights into the life and the problems of their parents, siblings and friends and can thus influence the events in their social environment. She also in grappling with the typical for their age problems - with the difficulties of growing up, with feelings, friendships and stress within the family.


Throughout the series, the religious aspect is often over-emphasized - it is less about belief in God or any particular creed as to the development of the characters change over the entire season and ripe visible. God is for Joan important insofar as he gives her food for thought as they should behave properly as opposed to how it does it. At the end of each episode is a kind of morality, something has taken away from the events that Joan, however, it succeeds the series, not crashing into cliché or kitsch. The name of the series is to the French national heroine Joan of Arc (English Joan of Arc ) ajar, (arguably ) also received instructions from God.

Despite criticism from the public and multiple awards ( including nominations for several Emmys and a Golden Globe for Amber Tamblyn ), the series was canceled due to their rather moderate financial success after the second season in the U.S.. While the first season was seen as Original Air Date on Pro Sieben, the second season of 16 October 2010 was a sixx on the German Free TV until 26 March 2011.