Joe Sample

Joe Sample, actually Joseph Leslie Sample ( born February 1, 1939 in Houston ) is an American jazz musician, producer, pianist and founding member of the fusion - jazz band The Crusaders.

Life and work

Joe Sample played since college, together with Wilton Felder, Wayne Henderson and Stix Hooper Nite Hawks in Texas clubs. Together they went in the early 1960s to the West Coast of the United States and entered into rhythm 'n' blues clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. First albums they released as The Jazz Crusaders. Success was slow in coming, however. Only with the renaming in The Crusaders in the early 1970s, they managed without the addition of the word jazz, but still rooted in the jazz and with the admixture of soul and blues, the breakthrough.

Bandleader Joe Sample composed the biggest hit of the band. The funky Streetlife 1979 ( with singer Randy Crawford and guitarist Barry Finnerty ) a disco hit. Since the 1980s, Joe Sample is mainly active as a jazz pianist in various projects as a solo artist. The band Crusaders, however, there still is. Their last studio album was 2003. In Germany he performed together with Till Bronner. With the Swede Nils Landgren, he recorded the CD Creole Love Call, which reached number one in the jazz charts in Germany and was awarded the German Jazz Award. In 2006 he published jointly with Randy Crawford album Feelin 'Good.

In addition, the sample also took on with Donald Byrd, Miles Davis, Ramsey Lewis, Stanley Turrentine, Les McCann, Dennis Rowland and Ella Fitzgerald. He also worked as a studio musician; he can be heard among other things, Living the Blues by Canned Heat and Diana Ross, Ray Charles and Joni Mitchell. Also on BB King's album Riding with the King, he plays the piano.


  • Fancy Dance, 1969
  • Rainbow Seeker, 1978
  • Carmel, 1979
  • Voices In The Rain, 1980
  • The Hunter 1982
  • Roles, 1983
  • Oasis, 1985
  • Spellbound, 1989
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • Invitation, 1993
  • Did You Feel That? , 1994
  • Old Places Old Faces, 1996
  • This sample, 1997
  • The Song Lives On ( with Lalah Hathaway ), 1999
  • The Pecan Tree, 2002
  • Soul Shadows, 2004
  • Creole Love Call ( with Nils Landgren ), 2006
  • Feeling Good ' ( with Randy Crawford ), 2007
  • No Regrets ( with Randy Crawford ), 2008
  • Live (With Steve Gadd & Nicolas Sample) ( with Randy Crawford ), 2012
  • Children Of The Sun ( & NDR BIGBAND ), 2012

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