Johann Karl Zeune

Johann Karl Zeune ( born October 29, 1736, in Stolzenhain; † November 8, 1788 in Wittenberg ) was a German philologist.


The farmer's son Andreas Zeune attended high school in Zeitz and enrolled later at the University of Leipzig. Here he concentrated on studying philology and applied to 1775 as an associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, which was then entrusted to him in the autumn of the same year.

After 1776, the writing of his teacher Johann Friedrich Christ " essays on the literary and artistic works primarily of antiquity " published, he went to the University of Wittenberg, where he took over as full professor of Greek language. He gave numerous provided with critical and explanatory notes classics works out, as by Xenophon, Macrobius and Terence, and provided a revised edition ( Leipzig, 1777) are important for the Greek philology writing of the French scholar François Vigier " De praecipuis Graecae dictions idiotismis " (Paris 1627 ). In Wittenberg (1776-1788) he read at least to 1785 on the New Testament, but rather than in its entire extent, but on selected parts, also on Xenophon, Homer, Aristophanes, Demosthenes, the " Jewish Antiquities" of Josephus, Isocrates Plato.