John Bates Clark Medal

The John Bates Clark Medal is a prestigious award from the American Economic Association.

The John Bates Clark Medal is awarded to the "American economist under forty years of a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge " has done. " American " refers to the place of creation, not the nationality; thus in 2010 won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaching French Esther Duflo. By 2009, the ceremonies were held every two years. Since 2010, the medal is awarded annually.

The award, named after the American Neoclassical economist John Bates Clark (1847-1938), besides the price of Economics of the Swedish Riksbank in Memory of Alfred Nobel is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of economics. In about half of the winners of the past later won the Nobel Prize awarded more frequently, on average, after a waiting period of 20 years. A comparable European award is the Yrjö - Jahnsson Prize, in German-speaking the Association for Social Policy assigns the Gossen Prize.

List of winners

( Years in parentheses indicate when the appropriate person was awarded the Nobel Prize )