John Davenport (minister)

John Davenport ( born April 9, 1597 Coventry / England; † May 30, 1670 in Boston, then New England ) was an English Puritan and one of the founders of New Haven ( Connecticut ).

In metropolitan

Davenport studied at Oxford University, served as Chaplain of Hilton Castle, then as pastor of St. Stephen Coleman Street, London. Differences of opinion on the inclusion of the poor in parishes led in 1633 to his retirement from the established church, and his emigration to Holland.

In America

With a charter for a colony in Massachusetts Davenport went to Boston in 1637. He founded in March 1637, when his classmates Theophilus Eaton, a wealthy London merchant, Robert Newman, Matthew Gilbert, Thomas Fugill, John Punderson, Jeremiah Dixon and others, the colony of New Haven.

Davenport had great influence as an MP. 1669 he went to Boston.


In the colony of New Haven should be the basis of the community in accordance with the desire of Davenport and his followers who declared by Moses commandments. This led to the installation of the blue laws, which required an embarrassing observance of the Sabbath, the juries eliminated and imposed the death sentence on adulterers. These provisions have been mitigated pretty soon, after which the colony in 1662 united with the other colonies in Connecticut.