John G. F. Francis

John GF Francis ( * 1934 in London ) is a British computer scientist.

Francis worked from 1954 for the National Research Development Corporation ( NRDC ), an organization founded in 1948, the British government for technology transfer, particularly for developed during the Second World War, the military technologies. He studied 1955/56, at the University of Cambridge, but took no degree, but returned to the National Resources Defense Council, where he was assistant to Christopher Strachey. During this time he developed the QR algorithm for the determination of eigenvalues ​​, published in 1961. Whatever he was about the same in 1961 found of the Russian Vera Nikolaevna Kublanowskaja. In 1961 he moved from NRDC for computer company Ferranti. Later he was at the University of Sussex, in industry and in consulting firms. He lives in Hove near Brighton.

After the development of the QR transformation he turned away from numerical mathematics and dealt with other areas of computer science such as artificial intelligence and computer languages ​​and worked as a systems engineer.