John Nicholson (racing driver)

John Nicholson ( born October 6, 1941 in Auckland, New Zealand ) is a former racing driver from New Zealand.

John Nicholson had some success on a Brabham BT18 in his native New Zealand boast when he came to Europe in 1971. However, Nicholson went on to start any races, but worked as a motor engineer at McLaren.

When he contested race again, he secured in 1973 and 1974 on a self-construction, the Lyncar, the champion in Formula Atlantic. However, a great racing program he could after the establishment of a motor tuning company in 1973 no longer accomplish. Nicholson's company took over the service of the Cosworth engines that began McLaren in Formula 1. Once he made ​​it as a driver in Formula 1 to the Grand Prix of Great Britain 1975, he was with his Lyncar 006 at the start and had an accident in the rain, but was counted number 17.

After less successful years in Formula 2 and Formula 5000 Nicholson returned back to New Zealand in 1978, to devote himself to his business.

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