John Stow

John Stow (* 1525 in London, † April 6, 1605 ) was an English historian and antiquarian.


Until the early 60s of the 16th century, he worked as a tailor. Then he began to collect manuscripts and to write chronicles. Despite his lowly origins he became a member of the 1586 founded the College of Antiquaries. First he published an edition of Geoffrey Chaucer ( 1561), after which the " Summary of English Chronicles " ( 1565). His first independent work was "The Annales of England " ( 1580). His most famous work is " A Survey of London" ( 1598 and 1603). It contains information about the history of London and details about the life, the customs, the people, the government and the topography of London. Stow was hired by Archbishop Matthew Parker to publish medieval chronicles. Allegedly, he gave all his money from in search of records.