Jon Moss

Jon Moss ( born September 11, 1957 in London, England, as Jonathan Aubrey Moss ) is a British drummer, who later became a member of Culture Club was.

At school he showed a strong inclination towards sports. He is particularly interested in the boxes.

After school, he first worked as a tape operator at the Marquee Studios. Then he learned to play the drums, and despite a lot of academic skills his desire to become a musician grew, over time more and more. After giving up the profession as a tape op, he was cake seller. Then he began an apprenticeship as a printer and later became a truck driver. Eventually, he made it as an assistant in a music agency and then finally also reached a job in this sector.

The first band in which he worked was "Phone Bone Boulevard ", then was followed by groups like " pastrami Barmy " and " Eskimo Norbert " before he was a drummer in " The Clash ". But since he could not adapt in this band, he left them again, and was a member of " The Damned", which also Captain Sensible was before his solo career. Jon came later on with " The Edge" and then with " Adam and the Ants ". At last he came across Boy George, who was looking for a drummer for his time still "Sex Gang Children " named group. Jon Moss, who also called newly added Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Boy George then early 80s "Culture Club".

During the time of Culture Club, Jon Moss had not been kept secret, but not published relationship with Boy George. As this, however, began to crumble and Moss split from George, Boy George was addicted to drugs, and the band broke up.

In the time between this resolution and the less successful reunion in 1998 we heard from Jon Moss as good as nothing.

But since December 2006, he is back with Mikey Craig, Roy Hay and Sam Butcher as a new singer under the name " Culture Club Reborn " on a small tour of England.

  • Drummer
  • Briton
  • English
  • Born in 1957
  • Man