Julien Duvivier

Julien Duvivier ( born October 8, 1896 in Lille, † October 29th 1967 in Paris) was a French author and film director. He has made or co-produced 69 films in 48 years.


" Born on 8 October 1896 in Lille, Duvivier began his schooling at the local Collége of Jésuites and moved to Paris later. In 1916, he went there with a friend from school to the Odeon theater. Since during the First World War in most theaters, there was Besetzungsnot, the inexperienced Duvivier quickly came to the stage. However, it could be difficult to remember his lyrics, and when he suffered a complete blackout during a performance, advised him a friend, but better than before to work on the stage. "

Duvivier began in theater as a director, came as a writer for the film, written and directed silent films and was in the thirties, one of the main proponents of poetic realism. He found, in contrast to other directors who preferred silent films, talkies appealing because they represent an opportunity for him extended, dramatic expressions. Duvivier films produced over religiöße topics, turned comedies or thrillers. He was one of the most experienced directors of the French film, in which excellence as Pépé le Moko next skilful Entertainment ( the Don Camillo films with remote Andel ) and average use cinema are. Jean Renoir and Ingmar Bergman were among his admirers. The end of October in 1967 suffered Duvivier a heart attack in his car and died at the consequential traffic accident at the age of 71 years. His wife Olga Duvivier had died a long time and he left a son, Christian.

Duvivier in 1959 was a member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival.