The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Cantonese Romanization Scheme usually only Jyutping (also Jyutpin ) is called a transcription of the Cantonese language. It was published by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong ( LSHK ) in 1993 for use as an official standard. It is, among other things beside the Yale Romanization one of the most popular transcriptions of Cantonese in Latin letters.

Transcription table

Chinese characters usually represent a syllable as a phonetic structure of a morpheme. Syllables are composed of a initial sound (声母/声母, shēngmǔ ) and a final sound (Chinese韵母/韵母, Pinyin yùnmǔ ) together. The Cantonese is also like a tone language Mandarin Chinese. Thus, the Chinese characters as a combination of initial sound and final position with the tone marking can transcribe by numbers in the Latin alphabet.

Initial sounds

End of a word


Three of the nine tones in Cantonese are so-called ru - tones (入声/入声, Rusheng ) that occur only in syllables that end with -p,- t, or -k. These do not have a number in Jyutping. The sounds of Cantonese can be characterized by a respective pair of numbers as follows: