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Kabara [ Kambara ], also Kambara, [Note 1] is an island of volcanic origin in the south of the Lau archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Politically, it is part of the Eastern Division of the island nation Fiji.


Kabara is the Korosee, about 100 km southwest of Lakeba, the main island of the archipelago. Neighboring islands are Vuaqava, 6 km north-west, and Marabo, 12 km east-southeast of Kabara located. The island is 8.7 km long, up to 5 km wide and has an area of ​​31 km ². It is completely surrounded except for a section in the north- west by a coral reef and reaches a height of 143 m Delaioloi above the sea. The island forms one of the 13 traditional districts ( Tikina ) the province of Lau and divided into four villages ( Koro ) on Kabara, Tokalau the northwest, Lomati in the West, Naikeleyaga in the north and Udu in the southeast. The fifth village of the district, Namuka is, to Namuka -i - Lau, 33 km east-northeast, the sixth village, Komo Komo on the homonymous island 40 km northeast of Kabara located. The state of the Census 1996, the population was 482

The island is known for wood carvings from Merbau ( Fiji: Vesi ), which is severely threatened by deforestation. Currently, an attempt is made through agroforestry projects to protect merbau and instead sandalwood ( Fiji: Yasi ) - which significantly faster than Merbau grows - to use as an alternative Schnitzmaterial.