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Lakeba [ Lakemba ], also Lakemba, [Note 1] is the second largest and most populous island of the island state of Fiji belonging Lau archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.


Lakeba is the Korosee in the center of the Lau archipelago. Neighboring islands are Aiwa, 12 km south-east, and Nayau, some 30 km to the north. The oval-shaped island is nearly 11 km long, up to 7.5 km wide in east-west direction and has an area of ​​nearly 59 square kilometers, making it the tenth largest island of Fiji. She is down to two passages in the south and east ( Steamer Passage) completely surrounded by a coral reef, which in the east away up to 10 km from the island and a correspondingly wide lagoon allows. Lakeba is of volcanic origin and hilly achieved in a double peak heights of 210 and 219 m above sea level.

The main town Tubou lies on the southwest coast. Historical capital was Nasaqalau in the north.


The island is the administrative center of Lau Province in the Eastern Division of Fiji and has about 2,100 residents. It forms one of the 13 traditional districts ( tikina ) of this province and is divided into the eight villages ( koro, listed from north-west to south clockwise) Nasaqalau, Vakano, Yadrana, Nukunuku, Waitabu, Waciwaci ( Wathiwathi ), Levuka and Tubou, capital the island as well as the province. All resorts in the island are connected by a ring road; the only port is Tubou, which is accessible via the southern passage in the reef. To the west of the island is an airfield located ( IATA: MCI, ICAO code: NFNK ) with non- paved runway.