4.1 (iOS ) April 7, 2014

3.4.2 (BlackBerry) March 27, 2014

2.0.4 ( Windows Phone ) March 4, 2014

KakaoTalk (Korean 카카오 톡 ) is a text messaging app for smartphones. The app is available for the operating systems Android, iOS, Bada, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. As an alternative to SMS KakaoTalk allows its users to send and receive messages, pictures, videos, and voice messages. Phone calls and conferences with up to five people are also available via the mobile data network.


Based in Seoul companies cocoa Inc. Published KakaoTalk on March 18, 2010. Use the message app would like cocoa Inc. compete with Facebook and Twitter. KakaoTalk is one of the top Android developers.

The app has in January 2012, more than 30 million users, about 24 million in South Korea and 6 million in the rest of the world. Mid-2012, KakaoTalk has about 50 million registered users, of which 3.5 million in the United States. The end of 2012 the app in South Korea is used on about 88 percent of iPhones. Mid-2013, KakaoTalk has over 100 million registered users.


KakaoTalk allows its users to send something, emoticons, images, videos, etc. with a person or group chat. According to the developer, the communication is encrypted. It is possible to find other users on the KakaoTalk ID without having to know their phone number. KakaoTalk is currently available in twelve languages ​​, including German. There is also the function Plus Friend, by which you can get the latest news of celebrities. Among the most popular KakaoTalk users include Girls' Generation, Super Junior and Shinee.