Windows Phone

Windows Phone is an operating system for smartphones, which was developed by Microsoft. Since the announced in February 2011, the alliance between Microsoft and Nokia, it is the preferred operating system on Nokia smartphones, and is distributed to a lesser extent on phones of the brands Samsung, HTC and Huawei. Introduced with Windows Phone User Interface " Modern UI" is considered a forerunner of the flat design, which has now found its way into many Microsoft products.

The following versions have been released:

"Hubs ", " live tiles " and "spaces"

The interface of Windows Phone is divided into so-called "hubs" with a focus on contacts, office, photos, social networking, music, video and games. These hubs are the basis for other functions which are integrated directly into the operating system. They can be integrated as an interactive tiles on the home screen with the so-called "Live Tiles". The representation of a stroke is changed, if a change in state in the present application. So come under the Hub " contacts " all contacts from eg Facebook, Outlook, Gmail and Twitter to summarize and display status changes directly on the home screen. Another special feature of the operating system since Windows Phone 8 integrated spaces. In these rooms user messages, pictures, videos, notes and calendar can exchange with each other.

Xbox Live and Games

The Hub " Games " provides a connection to Xbox Live. Thus, it is possible to relate Games on the Market Place. These can be fully integrated into the Xbox Live services. So players can play against each other across platforms (for example, one on an Xbox 360 and the other on a Windows Phone device ). Also be on and play the same game on different devices. So you can start playing around on the computer, continue playing on the phone and finish on the Xbox.

Windows Phone Live games appear on Wednesdays and are sometimes subject to certain regions or device limitations. So Nokia released occasionally exclusive Windows Phone games that are only available on Nokia smartphones.


Windows Phone has been criticized because it - like Windows RT - for the purchase of apps and other functions use a similar closed system like Apple's iOS. In addition, in Windows Phone 7 were missing several of Microsoft Windows Mobile -known functions. In addition, the update process is criticized because the devices with Windows Phone 7 fetch an update to Windows Phone 8.

Furthermore, the low compared to other mobile operating systems number of applications for Windows Phone is criticized. According to Microsoft, more than 200,000 applications for Windows Phone 8 was available in December 2013.