Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu is a touch of Canonical Ltd.. developed mobile user interface for the operating system Ubuntu. Ubuntu Touch has been designed primarily for mobile touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

  • 2.1 Operation
  • 2.2 reception screen
  • 2.3 Apps


Mark Shuttleworth announced on 31 October 2011 that, tablets, TVs and smart screens are supported with Ubuntu 14:04 smartphones.

Ubuntu Touch was unveiled on January 2, 2013, and published an experimental development version on 21 February 2013.


Canonical released the first stable version on October 17, 2013 along with Ubuntu 13:10. The version for tablets is still in pre-release stage.



The operation is done by " pushing in " of the four edges of the screen. The surface thus remains clear, for in spite of the omission of hardware buttons on the device, the surface remains free of permanently existing controls.

Reception screen

A well-known of other mobile devices lock screen in Ubuntu Touch replaced by a welcome screen, which shows a visualization of past activities on the device.


Ubuntu includes touch when delivered already important applications such as a calendar, a file manager, a terminal, a camera application, a web browser, and of course an application for making calls and SMS chat.

Hardware Requirements