Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, during the development phase known under the code name Apollo, is the current version of the Windows Phone operating system for mobile phones. Unlike its predecessor, Windows Phone 7, it is no longer based on Windows CE, but the same Windows NT kernel as Windows 8 and Windows RT. Windows Phone 8 was presented on 20 June 2012, on the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco.

  • 3.1 Operating System
  • 3.2 apps or applications


  • Support for multi-core processors
  • Screens with HDTV resolution up to Full HD
  • Support for microSD cards
  • Near Field Communication ( NFC)
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Digital wallet
  • Better maps and route planning (based on Nokia Maps )
  • More powerful applications and games
  • Spaces that are used for exchanging information with other users and be defined for different groups can

For Developers

  • Support for native code (programming in C / C )
  • Direct Buy ( In-App Purchase )
  • Integrated Voice over IP ( VoIP)
  • Improved multitasking

For companies

  • Device encryption (based on BitLocker technology)
  • Support for UEFI and improved sandboxing of apps
  • Remote maintenance ( remote management)
  • Companies hub and Apps

Home Screen

The home screen now supports three instead of two size formats for the live tiles. This innovation was also announced for Windows Phone 7 and provided an update.

Revision history

  • First version


  • The delivery of a message to multiple recipients has been facilitated.
  • Messages can now be saved as a draft before submitting it to allow later revision.
  • It can now select multiple messages at a time in order to perform a mass extinction can.
  • Incoming calls can now be rejected with a reply SMS. Example: "I 'm in a meeting. I'll call back. "
  • Incoming messages can be edited before it forwards.

Internet Explorer

  • It can now be individual entries in the Delete History.


  • It is now possible to continue to maintain the wireless connection in the lock screen.
  • Introduction of a priority list for WLAN connections.
  • Fixed an issue in the Bluetooth functionality.


  • Improve energy management.


  • Fixed a bug where the device has been restarted unexpectedly.
  • Booting the system stabilized.
  • Correct the " Other Storage " problem that caused a constant filling of the phone memory
  • Xbox Music: Music can be more easily selected will be downloaded and tacked.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP) applications such as Lync and Skype now have improved stability and performance features.
  • Internet Explorer: general improvements
  • Camera: Set a preferred photo app is now possible.
  • Reactivation of the FM radio
  • Standby screen with clock, which can be awakened with a double-tap ( Only in combination with Nokia "Amber" update )
  • Data Sense ( compression is now supported when other providers)
  • Further quality improvements
  • Quad-Core Support
  • Full HD support
  • Additional tile column in smartphones with large display
  • Rotation lock ( orientation lock )
  • Driver mode ( Simplified use of the smartphone in a car )
  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Wi-Fi is available in setting up your phone
  • Apps can be closed via the "App Switcher"
  • New functions for memory management
  • Ringtones for SMS messages, e- mail, voice mail, reminders and contacts separately adjustable.
  • Minor bug fixes

Microsoft plans to mainstream support phase for Windows Phone 8 be maintained until January 12, 2016, an Extended Support is not planned.


Operating system

An update from devices running Windows Phone 7 running is not possible.

Apps or applications

Apps (applications) for the previous version of Windows Phone 7 can also be run on Windows Phone 8. In November 2013, an estimated 190,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store were available.

Availability and market shares

End of September 2012 Windows Phone 8 was shipped to the manufacturer. The first model of the Samsung Ativ S was shown on August 29, 2012 in Berlin. Both Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 devices have been available since November 5. HTC has released the HTC 8X on 5 November. In the second quarter of 2013 the market share of Windows Phone smartphones was 3.7 % worldwide. In some markets, including those in Germany or Mexico, Windows Phone reached in February 2013, higher market shares of up to 12%. The end of 2013 the market share of the five largest European markets ( Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain ) increased to 10 %, while the global share fell in the fourth quarter to 3%.

Devices with Windows Phone 8