Windows XP editions#Windows XP Embedded

Windows XP Embedded is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a modularized version of Windows XP Professional that allows you to install only some of the components on the target PC. For this purpose, special installation tools are available ( more on this below ). Use areas are exclusively PC -like devices based on an x86 processor, PCs in the strict sense are excluded by the license of the use. It is thus to be distinguished from Windows CE, which also supports the MIPS and ARM architectures.

Windows XP Embedded is completely modular. Modules include, but Windows Media Player ( 8 or 10 ), Internet Explorer 6, a firewall, the Windows Explorer, DirectX 9 and. NET 3.1. XP Embedded can be slimmed down to a memory on your hard disk, flash or USB stick from a minimum of 34 MB. Typical installations with a graphical interface and network comprise about 200-500 MB. The individual modules can be put together with the so-called " Target Designer " to a full, adapted to the requirements, operating system dump. It is also possible, for example, software developed to encapsulate in a module, which then, as the supplied can also edit.

Mostly it is used in cash registers in retail (eg, McDonald's, Aral, German Railways). Other possible applications include ATMs, Oscilloscopes, slot machines, thin clients, digital cameras, car PCs or devices in consumer electronics. As an example, Windows XP Embedded comes to packing stations by DHL used. For industrial applications, it is interesting to applications (eg for PC-based controls ) due to the possibility for demand cropping. It can be run on devices without a keyboard, mouse, monitor or hard drive. Unlike Windows 7 Embedded, it has no real onboard touch screen support. Only ELO software including the monitors can be for this purpose, eg a visualization utility.

There is a free 120 - day trial of the system in the test period, a user can test the scope of Embedded Systems. The trial version is a trial version notice in the desktop background appears.

Successor of the system Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded.