Kalameny (Hungarian Kelemenfalu ) is a municipality in Okres Ružomberok within the Žilinský in the north of Slovakia with 452 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2011).


The municipality is located in the northwest part of the basin Liptovská kotlina, a subunit of Podtatranská kotlina below the mountains Chočské Hills. Through the town of Bach Kalamenianka flows at the end of his valley. The center is located at an altitude of 560 m nm and is 13 kilometers from Ruzomberok.


Kalameny was created in 1264 as a spin- out of the field of Liptovská Teplá and bears the name of the first ruler who was said Kelemen. Mention is made of the village in 1375 as Kelemenfolua and belonged in the 15th and 16th centuries to local nobles who lived his part in five manors. 1828 were counted 28 houses and 252 inhabitants, who were employed in agriculture and sheep farming.

Until 1918, belonged to the lying in the county Liptau place the Kingdom of Hungary and came after Czechoslovakia or Slovakia today.


According to the 2011 census lived in Kalameny 460 inhabitants, of whom 451 Slovaks, Czechs, and two each of a Magyar and Moravians. Five residents did not know. 426 residents pleaded with the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church of the ten inhabitants 19 inhabitants were non-denominational and five inhabitants, the denomination is not determined.

Results of the census 2001 (443 inhabitants):

After Ethnicity:

  • 99.10% Slovaks
  • 0.45% Czechs
  • 0.23% German
  • 0.23% Moravians

After Confession:

  • 95.49 % Roman Catholic
  • 2.03% Evangelical
  • 0.90% no religious affiliation
  • 0.68% Greek Catholic
  • 0.45 % Orthodox
  • 0.45 % no answer


  • Ruins of the castle Liptau northeast of Kalameny