Kalenjin people

The Kalenjin, the Kalenjin or Kalendschin ( spoken ) are a group of related peoples living in western Kenya and in the Rift Valley. They speak languages ​​südnilotische.

The Kalenjin are Nilotic and more than 2000 years ago immigrated from South Sudan to Central Kenya, where they mixed with the native Ethiopians. They share traditional into several ethnic groups:

  • Elgeyo
  • Kipsigis
  • Marakwet
  • Nandi
  • Pokot
  • Sabaot
  • Terik
  • Virtues

They have developed a sense of community in the 20th century due to linguistic similarities and political pressure against the big other ethnicities and adopted the name. The Nilotic Kalenjin ( "I tell you! ") Was a radio show that specifically turned to these small scattered peoples. Whoever heard Kalenjin, was a Kalenjin.

Most long-distance runner from Kenya Kalenjin. The Kalenjin are known ex-President Daniel arap Moi and Paul Tergat, 5 times World Cross Country champion (both virtues ).